Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dying fawn...

Dying Fawn by Gretchen Bennett

The sticker above is undoubtedly my favorite sticker EVER! In fact, Gretchen's Dying Fawn is one probably one of my top ten pieces of art. So you can only imagine how much I freaked out when she first mentioned she would be creating a 3d version. Here's the finished piece. It's part of an editioned series Gretchen did especially for Open Satellite. Dan Webb, Greg Lundgren and Jeffry Mitchell also made new editioned work for the series. Check it out this Friday! Details here.

Fawn by Gretchen Bennett (image via Open Satellite)

Updated Fawn image on 10/9/2009.


sharon said...

Oh! My! God! I can't wait to see this - the fawn is definitely one of my faves as well.

Joey Veltkamp said...

SERIOUSLY! And an opening that geographically works in your favor! No rushing for 1st Thursday.