Wednesday, October 14, 2009

David Rathman

Funny How Time Flies by David Rathman (image via)

The Old, Weird America has really turned me on to some really great new art. One inclusion I found perfect was David Rathman's series of square snapshots of Hollywood's version of the Wild West. I couldn't find an image but one of my favorites is a man with a noose hanging below the words, "My vices were magnificent."

David Rathman (this piece is currently on view at The Frye)

I love the spare silhouettes over sepia washes. Remixing text and images from iconic Western movies, his paintings retain the original spirit but their meaning gets amplified. The Montana in me will always have a soft-spot for this type of sappy depiction of cowboys.

Everyone Has A Song In Their Hearts (2005)

Some of his earlier work has a resonance with Dan Attoe.

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