Monday, October 19, 2009

Artist Salon at Seattle University

As part of my residency, I really wanted to tap into the spirit of community found on a college campus. I thought a good way of doing this would be to turn the studio into a bridge between the students and the Seattle art community at large. To that end, I invited a group of artists to come into the studio and engage with the students in some way.

Like the format of my residency, I wanted to keep it loose. I don't know what the artists will do - it could be a workshop, a discussion, a lecture - whatever they want. But with this line-up, you know whatever they do it will be very interesting. Stay tuned, I'll probably add a couple impromptu workshops as well. And while the target audience is the Seattle University art undergrads, I'm hoping other folks will stop by to enjoy the series as well so the students will get to interact with the local arts community members (artists, art-fans, curators and anyone else you can think of are invited!).

The series begins a week from today with the inaugural artist, Jeffry Mitchell (2009 Stranger Genius winner).

Jeffry Mitchell: Monday, October 26th at 5pm
Matthew Offenbacher: Monday, November 9 at 4pm
Jason Hirata & Sol Hashemi: Monday, November 16 at 5pm
Erin Shafkind: Monday, December 7 at 5pm

Hope to see you there!

The studio isn't huge and I'm not sure how big of a group we'll get. It's going to be real loose but real fun, too.


sharonA said...

Joey, this sounds like it will be a *lot* of fun!

Joey Veltkamp said...

I think so too! I'm real excited. Jeff's first one will be a workshop most likely where we all make hollow forms and fill them plaster to illustrate negative space. I think they'll be real great. xo

Susanna said...

This is great! I'm hoping to go to the next one.

... hey.. speaking of art community organizers...

Joey Veltkamp said...

We'd love to see ya, Susanna! And the next is Matt's! That's why I love that guy so much because we want community. You, too. Look at what YOU'VE done! And Sharon! And Emily! It's in the air. :)