Monday, September 28, 2009

untitled by Matthew Offenbacher

untitled, oil and acrylic on stainguard 52" x 45", 2009 

"This is one of the first paintings I finished from this new series I've been working on about my cat. Turtle (that's his name) is 13 years old now, but when he was less than a year old he got stuck in the redwood tree that towered over our neighbor Mrs. Skinner's backyard. I don't know if he was chasing a bird or wanted a better view or what, but he was about fifty feet high by dinner time. It's the classic kitten-in-the-tree story. He only knew how to climb up. I started this painting upside-down from how it is now. You were at the bottom of the tree. When I flipped it, I realized adopting Turtle's point of view was going to be useful--his risk and bravado, and calculated disregard for consequences--that was how I wanted to make these paintings." 
~ Matthew Offenbacher

Matt's third Howard House solo show, C.A.T. (after Burchfield's Conventions for Abstract Thought), opens up this Thursday.

Oct 1 - 31, 2009 at Howard House
Opening reception: Thursday, Oct 1, 6-8pm
Artist talk: Saturday, Oct 3, noon

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