Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things you didn't know you need

Crucitrix by Scott J Bailey

Artist Scott J. Bailey has been transforming empty cereal boxes into Crucitrixes for a while now. You can get yours here for $40.

Man-Eating Pit by John Bowen

John Bowen offers up a list of reasons why his Man-Eating Pits are better than flowers. The deluxe sets start around $30.

Both are projects from local artists.


sharonA said...

Whoah! Man Eating Pits! What better way to say "love" than "vagina dentata"!

These are amazing Joey, thanks for sharing. Do you think a Crucitrix can fend off Count Choculas and Man Eating Pits?

I'm taking notes.

Joey_Veltkamp said...


I hope so - for humanity's sake!