Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Family / Cairo

image by Lilly Hern-Fondation

Cairo is hosting a trio of events, beginning tomorrow. The first event is Our Family, an art show curated by Serrah Russel. It's a quick show, opening Thursday and closing Sunday. 
"A group show of drawings, deconstructions and collages by Paige Fukuhara, Lilly Hern-Fondation, and Julia Salamonik. 

As we are cleaning, we find them under a bed. They appear and distract us when on a hunt for something else. After an estate sale, they remain unsold, enduring memories of those who have gone before us. They are monumental and symbolic, but they are also banal, blurry and left for discard. As these images become far removed, stories fail us and names escape us, scenarios are imagined and memories constructed, with wishful thinking and tragic deceptions."
Cairo, 507 e mercer st
saturday and sunday 12-6 pm

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