Monday, September 7, 2009

Joseph Park / APEX

p.leonilla (2009), image via R Bransten

Here's another good reason to visit Portland - Joe Park has a show up in APEX at Portland Art Museum.

still life #3 (2007), image via PAM

I first saw Joe's art in 2005 at the Frye exhibition, Moon Beam Caress. The paintings were beautiful - the fluidity of line and his use of light really made you invested in them. But his more developed fractal-cum-cubist painting style is what really blows me away. Joe's ability to make things simultaneously soft and hard is amazing. Can we just make this simple and all* agree that he's the best painter Seattle has?

*I know we can't all agree and that there's tons of competition for this title. This isn't a verifiable statement. I just think his technical mastery of paint is pretty high up there.

Machinist (2008), image via PAM
"Joseph Park is among a handful of artists redefining painting within the postmodern construct of conceptual art and digital reproduction. His sophisticated technique, while grounded in historical precedent, achieves a self-conscious neutrality that serves to distance the viewer and allows the formal construct of the painting to assert itself." 

Bruce Guenther, PAM Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art
The show will be up through November 15. More info here.

Update: Oops, apparently artdish already made note of this.


Unknown said...

I remember that I saw his piece The Baths at Western Bridge's Underwater show and was very impressed by that odd piece.

Thank you for this post, I feel like I'll recognize his name from now on, and I'll certainly spend the time to find it when it's showing.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Yeah, he's pretty dang amazing!