Monday, September 14, 2009

Introducing The New Guard

The Final Spins (photo by Kent Colony)

One of my favorite people is starting a new project that I'm really excited to be a part of. Whitney Ricketts has combined three of her favorite things (art, music and food) into a new series of dinners called The New Guard.
"the new guard is a series to fête the up-and-coming, the rising—not the fleeting, but the arrival—of a new legion of creators. these nights will happen monthly in backyards, warehouses, airplane hangars, vacant lots."

artist Troy Gua

Whitney will be culling the chefs, Damien and Sarah Jurado are selecting musicians and I'll be curating the art. One chef, one singer/band, one artist, one evening. For the inaugural event, I selected Troy Gua. Damien and Sarah chose The Final Spins. Whitney asked Joel Cox to prepare the first meal. It's a really great group of folks and I can't wait for tomorrow. I think there still might be some seats available. Otherwise, if it sounds fun, it will be happening monthly from now on. 

chef Joel Cox

More info on the project here. Today's Daily Candy post.


sharonA said...

Oh my god. I can't imagine an event more up my alley than this - art, music, *and* food?! I'm looking forward to next month!

Troy Gua said...

And just what's wrong with *this* month, Ms. Arnold? ;)

sharonA said...

Oh *snap* Troy Gua, what you said!

I only just heard of this today so I don't think I can pull it together by tomorrow! (I'm not off work until 7, I have to plan better!)

Have fun guys!


Crib Tales said...

How awesome Joe! That sound incredible!

Susanna said...

this sounds amazing!

Karanngutan said...


I just found your blog; I can't get enough of it!
Thanks for putting it all out there.

In addition to the art, I hope you post more details for future meals such as this event. I would love to attend.