Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Thursday / October 2009

Untitled by Drew Daly (image via Greg Kucera Gallery)

There is so much great new art this month. I know I say that every month, but it's true again! Look at this line-up for this Thursday.

Drew Daly opens up his show, Visual Fiction, at Greg Kucera Gallery. Drew and I did an interview for La Especial Norte and I've gotten more positive feedback on it than any other one. I think people are just really interested in his process. In our interview (Feb 09) we talked about what this new work would be like. I'm sure a lot has changed (at least it would for me) but here's what he had to say then,
"It's really difficult to talk about work before it has been made, shown and considered without sounding wildly random...I am trying to apply the idea of a moment of time in relation to space, object and motion. All four elements are connected and even bound by the Theory of Relativity, so I keep thinking about if one element is altered what results? It is a similar exploration as trying to make the reflection in the mirror, only way harder." 
Hearing that explanation makes me really excited to see those basketball pictures in person - can't wait! Lecture this Saturday (10/3) at noon.

Untitled by Tim Roda (image via Greg Kucera Gallery)

Also at Kucera is former Seattle-ite Tim Roda showing Recent Photographs. I was going to originally use this mind-blowing picture called Centaur but I didn't know how uptight some employers might be. Tim will also be doing a talk on Saturday (Oct 3) at noon.

Untitled by Matthew Offenbacher (image via Howard House)

And then Matthew Offenbacher opens up his third solo show, C.A.T., at Howard House. I swear, if I had a dollar for every time Matt came up recently, I'd be a rich (and happy) man! Between much-deserved praise (2009 Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award), workshops, La Especial Norte, and all around general awesomeness, you almost forget the most important part - OH YEAH, he makes super amazing art, too! In addition to this show, he just opened up his collaborative project The Gift Shop at Henry Art Gallery. Also opening at Howard House is Tony De Los Reyes. Matt will be giving his talk on Saturday (Oct 3), at noon. 

Polyverse by Robert Hardgrave (image via Some Space Gallery)

I've already mentioned that I'll be trying to win PUNCH Gallery's exhibition (how many times can we enter??). I'm also super excited for Dig: SOIL Invitational 2009, especially to see the partial debut Sharon Arnold's Footing. I think Former Best Friends Forever at Gallery4Culture sounds real interesting.  It's new work (audio, video and installation) by Peter Bonde Becker Nelson about some guys that used to be his 'best' friends. Robert Hardgrave has beautiful work up at Some Space Gallery, along with Kevin McCarthy.

Also, for those of you dying for the premiere of Art:21 Season 5, your wait is over. Seattle Art Museum will be screening it Thursday, 7-8pm in the Nordstrom Lecture Hall, as part of a conversation hosted by SAM curators Michael Darling, Marisa Sanchez and Pam McClusky. It's free but you have to rsvp tboxoffice@seattleartmuseum.org. And on Friday, Henry Art Gallery will be showing it (7pm intro, 7:15 screening) in conjunction with the launch of their new exhibit Vortexhibition Polyphonica. Both will be previewing the episode, Transformation (which includes Paul McCarthy). Both events will be really interesting, so I'd recommend seeing it twice. 

Also continuing are Leo Berk's Deep, Dark at Lawrimore Project (Susan Robb also opens on Thursday) and Eric Elliot at James Harris Gallery. I know I'm missing tons of other great events. See ya Thursday!

Updated 9/30: Jen Graves' picks here, Regina Hackett's here.

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