Wednesday, September 23, 2009


At Leo's opening tonight, I ran into a friend who works for 4culture. We chatted for a second and she mentioned something about the 4culture blog. I remember thinking, "Awesome! 4culture launched a blog!". I just checked it out - the first post is from March 28th! I think I'm a reasonably informed fellow - at least about some of the art stuff happening in Seattle. I literally slapped my head and thought, "How could this blog be live for almost 6 months and I've never heard of it?".  

Because the thing is, I LOVE 4culture. Their gallery is almost always on my must-see list for 1st Thursdays. I love their community-building, their grants, their employees, their mission. I just think that they're an all-around swell organization. 

I thought it must just be me, but I checked blogrolls for Regina, Jen, Artdish, Hankblog, Vroom Journal, and my other favorite art blogs (Sharon, Susanna, Emily, Gala, Erin, Sol, Strath, Mandy, etc.) and couldn't find anyone that lists it. Which is a real shame because this blog is great! Sara Edwards and a cast of others have assembled quite an assortment of interesting items.

It's got exhibit recommendations, news, grant deadlines, jobs, events, calls for artists and TONS of other things. It literally has something for anyone who's got even a passing interest in art. 

So, maybe you've already been reading it for months, but if you haven't, I'd add it to your daily read list.

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sharon said...

Ha, for shame for me. I've known about this blog for some time and never pushed it into the foreground - I thought everyone else knew about it too! Yikes!

My blog roll has been in dire need of updating, for some time. :(