Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Thursday / September 2009

Okay, it's officially September. This has to be one of my favorite months, in large part to the beautiful, golden light. It's also one of my favorite months for seeing art. I always feel like there's a renewed excitement in September and it usually translates into some great art. I think it must go back to the anticipation of a new school year. 

Tuesday, September 1

Hollywood Hills by Ann Duffy at Vermillion (image via)

Ann Duffy returns to Vermillion in a show called Cityscapes. More of her beautiful photo-realist imagery. Plus you can drink Rainier tallboys at the opening.

Wednesday, September 2

Claire Johnson / Leaving Bozeman

Claire Johnson is Leaving Bozeman at Joe Bar. I left Bozeman when I was a kid so I really love this title and the paintings look great. Congrats, Claire!

Thursday, September 3

Chris Rollins

Chris Rollins will be in a show at Some Space Gallery. I love his prints.

Karen Ganz

Karen Ganz has a new show, Moving Target, opening up at Howard House

T. Rex (study) and T.Rex by Scott Fife

I can't wait to check out Scott Fife's new work in American Beauty at Platform Gallery. I know it's small, but I'm real excited to see what the pieces look like with the addition of some color. And his study paintings always blow me away.

Airburst by Eric Eley

As if that weren't enough, Eric Eley is also showing a beautiful new sculpture called Airburst

In the Studio by Eric Elliott

I'm really excited to see Eric Elliott's new work at James Harris Gallery. Here's an interview of him talking about his work. I'm also real excited to see Andrew Witkin's installation.

Also make sure to see:

Buddy Bunting and Kiki MacInnis at SOIL
Hannah Alex-Glasser and Julie Alexander at Catherine Person Gallery

Updated 9/3:
Robert Hardgrave at flatcolor

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