Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vermillion / Vital 5 tonight

Opening tonight at Vermillion is a show by the artists at the creative agency, Digital Kitchen. They've put together a multimedia show (installation, video, light, print, more) called Found: A Collection of Creatures and Curiosities.

It's video heavy so it make sure you check it out at dark. The sun sets at 8:24pm today and the opening lasts until 11pm - that gives you plenty of time to swing by. Click here for a video of their SIFF ads.

And did you know Digital Kitchen did the opening sequence for True Blood? That's so cool.


Also tonight, the final Arbitrary Art Grant - this time for dealing art. $500 to some lucky dealer


In Portland? Tonight at Portland Art Museum, Northwest favorite Jeffry Mitchell talks about "art that delights, puzzles, or inspires him." 

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