Sunday, August 16, 2009

Target Practice tours...

drawing of Red Brush Stroke by Roy Lichtenstein

I got a chance to take a tour of Seattle Art Museum's Target Practice with its curator Michael Darling earlier this week. It was a really cool chance to get to hear about the creation of the exhibit. 

I was going to highly recommend that if you liked the exhibit (and everyone I know loves it!), you should check out the upcoming salon with Michael Darling and Patricia Junker (curator of the Wyeth show), but I just looked for the link and it's sold out. You might want to call and see if there's a waiting list because I'm sure it will be a fantastic talk. 

As part of Seattle Art Museum's My Favorite Things series, I'll be leading a tour through the exhibit later this month. While I'm probably not the most traditional tour guide, I feel reasonably qualifed to talk about MY favorite things. :) Also, if I get it done it time, I'll be distributing a new chap book made especially for this tour. It will be drawings of my 8 favorite things from Target Practice. 


sharonA said...

Joey, that is so awesome you'll be leading a tour - that will be a fun one, I'm sure!

Joey Veltkamp said...

Well, I'm a bit nervous considering I NEVER speak in public, but I'm just going to view it a little more informally, like I"m just showing some of my friends my favorite things. :)

xo and miss you.

sharonA said...

Joey, you're going to do *great*!

Let's hang out!