Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lemon preserves @ The Hideout

I know I've been a little Implied Violence heavy lately on the blog, but that's just cause I love 'em so much! If you haven't read the other posts, they're trying to raise money to go to New York City. They've been invited to participate in the New Island Festival and they want to debut a new piece called, The Dorothy K.

They've been hosting a series of fundraisers to make their still-to-be-achieved goal. One week from today (on Wednesday, August 19th), they'll be taking The Hideout hostage. 

The unknown is one of my favorite things about IV, but here are a couple of things we do know about the night. Lemon preserves will be made and opera will be sung. There's no cost to get in but bring lots of money for drinks and merchandise. 

Who:  Open to the Public, 21 +
What:  Implied Violence:  Live at The Hideout
Where:  The Hideout, 1005 Boren Avenue
When:  Wednesday, August 19th, 4pm to 2am

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