Sunday, August 2, 2009

Implied Violence Fundraiser

poster by Darin Shuler

Hopefully you remembered to save the date last night! I had a friend fly into town so I couldn't make the event, but I did stop by before it started to wish Ryan and Mandie good luck! Mandie gave me a quick tour and it looked amazing!

Down the stairs and into the unknown (you never know with Implied Violence) six bands performed on a subterranean grass-y stage. There was an award was given out for most money raised in the SHOT-A-THON, a raffle prize (!!) was given away and a bar sold drinks (including the previously promised Vagina Punch, served with a floating baby).

In a side room that you can only see through a small window, they set up effigies in this weird diorama. It looked great.

Also, they're having a dinner fundraiser with one pot. It's August 8th, in the same building as last night's event. Here are the pictures from a previous collaboration, Respect The Boss.

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