Saturday, August 1, 2009

Generally, incidentally, light

Claude Zervas, Jeffry Mitchell, Sol Hashemi, Jason Hirata

Betsey and Eric have turned their "dirty shed" into a mini experimental art space for the summer. The inaugural show was Generally, incidentally, light by Sol Hashemi and Jason Hirata. 

Jason Hirata

Last night, folks filed into the backyard to enjoy some rosé and Simpler Times beer, socialize and check out some cool art. Jason and Sol have collaborated before, most notably for their Punch Gallery show Please Stand By; Stand By Me earlier this year. The exhibition is up for a month but you can only schedule a viewing via Betsey/Eric.  Updated: Contact Jason ( or Sol ( to schedule a viewing.

Sol Hashemi


Brittany said...

It was a great show! Lots of great light sculptures too. I would also encourage people to email Sol and Jason themselves to see the show. They're super nice guys! Jason's email:

Joey Veltkamp said...

Oh great, thanks Brittany!

Mandy Greer said...

There is a weird symmetry in the top picture of all those boys....

Betsey said...

Thanks for posting, Joey! And thanks for coming over. Yes -- do e-mail Jason and Sol directly to see the show as they are far more reliable we are. We'll figure out another "open hours" showing, too. And we'll let you know when that is happening so you can help spread the word.

Jen Graves said...

I truly love the generational story of the top photo. Great shot.