Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Thursday / August 2009

All sorts of great art opening up tomorrow. I'll be out of town but if I weren't, here's where I'd be.

Whitehorse by Leonard Baskin

Davidson Contemporary Prints is showing huge lithographs by Leonard Baskin of Native Americans commissioned by the Parks system during the 70s. So cool!

Shoes (acrylic/oil on masonite) by Holly Farrell

Garde Rail Gallery is having their August Open House and debuting new artists, such as Holly Farrell -- whose photorealistic paintings are blowing my mind. 

Mini #31 by Kate Protage

At La Familia Gallery, Kate Protage just finished a beautiful new series of mini-paintings measuring 5" square. Also showing are Cristin Ford and Lee Richmond.

Untitled 2009 by Matt Browning.

Yoko Ott and Jessica Powers have curated a show called Spite House at Lawrimore Project. It sounds real interesting and includes local artists Matt Browning, SBC, Eli Hansen and more. 

Katrina by Carrie Marrill (at Howard House)

Don't forget about Send Me an Angel at Howard House (who are also showing Carrie Marrill). I'd check out SOIL and 4Culture, too. 

Are you a member of The Henry? If yes, then you're invited to a members only Scan-A-Bear workshop. On Friday night, Tivon Rice (with Jeffry Mitchell) will be making a new piece similar to Panda but based on participants' collages.  

Seattle Art Museum is staying open late on Thursday for After Hours and check out their Friday night event, SAM Remix. It runs from 8-midnight at the Sculpture Park. DJ Freddy King of Pants will be spinning, PDL, Jen Graves (and other Stranger folks) will be doing tours. First 100 folks get in free.

On Saturday, Platform Gallery is having a launch party for DECODE Books who recently published 3 new photo-books (monotypes) by Ariana Page Russell, Steven Miller and Bill Jacobson.

Other 1st Thursday lists by Jen Graves and Regina Hackett.

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