Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd Thursday / Blitz Capitol Hill

Green Dumpster with Cardboard by Rachel Maxi
Image via Grey Gallery & Lounge

I can't wait for Rachel Maxi's upcoming show, The Lay of the Land, at Grey Gallery and Lounge. It's opening up this Thursday (aka Blitz) and includes new work that continues to "...portray the industrial still life in its exquisite simplicity." Reception: 5-9 this Thursday

Also at Grey: Bradley Biancardi and Greg Boudreau


Starting today at noon in Occidental Park, D.K. Pan, NKO and Holly Brown begin their 24 hour reading/performance called on hiding an elephant in plain sight, based on the words of Haruki Murakami.
"The relationships of voice, hand, and typewriter become intertwined in the act of imprinting memory onto a public site. A silent transformation occurs, unnoticed. A box truck becomes an elephant, text escapes the confines of its pages; we awake from a dream and find ourselves at the beginning of a journey. Murakami’s tale of search, longing, and reconciliation serves as the point of departure for this performance action" via
Also: RH 

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