Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vita Table Midnight Supper / #CHBC

Midnight Dinner by one pot, vita and CHBP

If you know me even remotely well, you probably know I don't see much live music. Music usually involves a drive, staying up late and crowds and that combination is basically a triumvirate of angst for me! Apparently the promise of delicious food is my Achilles' heel.

Head Like a Kite (who might be my new favorite band!)

Last night's Midnight Supper removed the anxiety by throwing down an amazing dinner, complete with live music that I didn't even have to get up out of my seat to enjoy (all these pictures were taken right from my chair). Platters of assorted meats and grilled vegetables were passed family-style down the long tables (Michael said 70 people, but I'm guessing that number crept up to way over a hundred). 

We couldn't have been seated with nicer folks. Across from us were Andrew and Angela - two of my new favorite people. You should really check out Andrew's blog for all the info on this year's block party. To my left was one of my favorite bloggers, Cherry Canoe, who is just about ground zero for fun in Seattle. Between the four of us, I felt like we pretty much had the blogging bases covered: art, food, music and culture.


The music was amazing and intimate. After Head Like a Kite's amazing performance, Blue Scholars came on full force with some new stuff. Can't wait for the release. Next up, the super talented Fatal Lucciauno. The man of the hour in my opinion was Spaceman. I don't really say things like this, but he killed it! I'm a huge fan after that performance. It was great t0 see Sportn' Life Records so represented.  That family is full of some of the nicest folks you're ever gonna meet.

Big thanks to Hebb, Vita and all the performers for a wonderful evening.

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