Wednesday, July 1, 2009

suddenly: where we live now

Hannes Wingate, I-5 median near mile marker 27, WA
Photo by Michael McManus

More cool events from Michael Hebb/Corridor Project. 

Corridor Project IIII: habitat
june 22, 2009 - Corridor Project founder Michael Hebb invited artists Hannes Wingate and Michael McManus to enter a densely forested median of Interstate 5 near mile marker 27. Possessing two knives, a hatchet, and sufficient food and water, the group spent 3 days investigating the landscape and creating habitat—making fire, cooking, and building a shelter, tables, chairs, and other objects such as eating utensils, rope, brooms, and mats exclusively from materials found on site.

july 3rd  corridor V with thomas sieverts 
july 3rd - 14th  corridor IIII suddenly exhibition @ the occidental plaza
july 9th  hedgebrook rise with gloria steinem
july 18th  i am from bellevue with greg lundgren
july 25th  capitol hill block party midnight supper

This Friday, the Suddenly Seattle Exhibition opens up in a vacant storefront (312 Occidental) in Pioneer Square. It will include art by Marc Joseph Berg, New York; Zoe Crosher, Los Angeles;Molly Dilworth, Brooklyn; Elias Hansen, Tacoma; Michael Hebb, Seattle; Hadley+Maxwell, Berlin; Michael McManus, Portland; Boris Sieverts, Frankfurt; and Hannes Wingate, Portland. It's curated by Stephanie Snyder and Matthew Stadler edited a related annoted reader.

You'll also find a bookstore selling works of the participating artists and writers, with works by Fritz Haeg, Los Angeles; Frank Heath, Brooklyn; Anne Focke, Seattle; Lisa Robertson, San Francisco; Thomas Sieverts, Frankfurt; Stephanie Snyder, Portland; Matthew Stadler, Portland; Storm Tharp, Portland; and Oscar Tuazon, Paris.

Friday's one pot dinner for Suddenly Seattle starts at 9pm. Tickets here.
Gallery/bookstore hours: July 5-15, 12-6 p.m. Free (closed 4th of July)

Here's an old drawing I made for Corridor Project.

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