Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn

First off, if you travel to New York City, let me recommend that you bring along my friend Dave. Even though he's only been to NYC once before, this man possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the city which makes walking trips amazing! Coupled with his internal compass and ability to easily navigate subways, there's no one I'd rather have tromped around with today.

Early on our ten mile journey today, we took a couple of quick turns and Dave showed me The Stonewall Inn. As a young gay man in Spokane, I had an older boyfriend who made sure I knew my gay history. Hearing him talk about the Stonewall riots sounded like an exciting story from a textbook. Seeing it in person today, it was impossible to not be reflective. The 40th anniversary of the riots happened last month and it's really amazing to think how far we've come during these four short decades. 

Across the street on Sheridan Square sits a public art commission by pop artist George Segal. The intent behind the sculpture was, "...was to normalize and domesticize homosexual relationships, rescuing them from the sensationalized, over-sexualized images so common in the popular media. At the same time, however, Segal emphasizes the physical element of relationships. The partners' soulful gazing into each other's eyes symbolizes commitment and communion, but their touching represents physical intimacy." via

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