Friday, July 17, 2009

Save the Date / No Friends Only Enemies

No Friends Only Enemies - An Implied Violence Fundraiser

by Darin Shuler

Save the date of August 1st, folks! My favorite rabble-rousers are about to give Seattle a punch in the arm (or somewhere else according to their press release). 

In preparation for their invitation to perform at the New Island Festival, they're raising money to get the crew over to New York. Tickets ain't cheap and their new project (like all of them) is Ambitious to say the least! The folks of IV are hard workers, they're not just asking for money (though they'd certainly take it!), instead they want to throw a party that will knock your socks, aurally and visually. They describe it better than I can so take it away, Implied Violence!


Implied Violence will be hosting an all night Art House/Hell House in the basement of The American Hotel. Located on 5th and King St.,Once owned by The Union Gospel Mission  serving women and children, it will soon to be overrun with young and soft European hostlers. Through both legitimate and below grade dealings, Implied Violence  has been granted the space to install bands, art, bars, and performance for a one-night only vagina punch. Take it and smile.  With art by Implied Violence, NKO, several friends, and many many more enemies.  Featuring performance by JERRY, & Implied Violence Shot-A-Thon Sponsors.  Implied Violence will convince about a dozen bands to rock our beautiful Chinatown basement well into the wee morning hours--Strong Killings? TacocaT?  Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death?  Past Lives?  Ribbons?  The Parenthetical Girls? Idle Times?  Who knows?  We don't yet, but once they're all cooked up, we'll give you the recipe. The funds earned from this event will go directly towards flying over twenty degenerate villains and enemies alike to New York for the bizarrely prestigious New Island Festival.

August 1st 2009
Doors at 7p.m.
Bands at 9p.m.

Basement of The American Hotel (enter through the alley)
520 South King St.
Seattle WA 98104

$15-$30 Suggested Donation


If you can't make the big party, you can still help them out by participating in their SHOT-A-THON!


sharonA said...

Joey you're a rock star blogger - NY *and* Seattle events! You're on fire!

Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

Joey Veltkamp said...

ha! you're so sweet. i've thought of you and gretchen frequently while i've been here. seems like a long but it's only been 4 days! lot more 'on-the-go' than my life in seattle!

sharonA said...


Sounds like the NY I love and remember! So much has changed though, it's really beautiful to read about it and see her through your point of view!