Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday art!

It's supposed to be in the 80s today, so it's a great day for the park and a bbq.

Untitled by Matthew Offenbacher, image via artist

Feeling creative? Come down to Olympic Sculpture Park (Alvord Art Lab) today from 1-3 to participate in SAM's The Experience Painting Project with Matthew Offenbacher. The workshop runs from 1-3pm and during it, Matt will lead you on investigation of what painting is and some different approaches to it. With Matt leading this, you can be guaranteed you'll both learn and be entertained - he's just that awesome! This workshop is related to the current SAM show, Target Practice, curated by Michael Darling.

Call 206.654.3121 for tickets or buy at any of the SAM sites. Members: $10, Adults: $20, Students/Seniors: $16

After your big burst of creativity, stick around and enjoy the park on such a beautiful day. Maybe head on down to the water to enjoy Roy McMakin's Love and Loss installation. After seeing Roxy Paine's huge installation Maelstrom at the Met last week, I have an even greater appreciation for his SAM installation, Split.

Post-event update: The workshop was a total blast. Matt's another one of those folks who always assembles a great group of folks! More pics here.

By this point, you're going to be hungry (for both food and more great art), so head on up to Crawl Space Gallery for Zach Rockhill's STOCKGAP opening tonight. Based out of New York, Zach is primarily known for his video art.

Zach Rockhill, image via Crawl Space

"For his solo exhibition at Crawl Space, Rockhill is presenting videos that examine moments of psychological rupture depicted in celebrated works of cinema, literature and art. In each of the videos, the artist revisits the impulse behind specific scenes in which individuals find themselves in two places at once. By presenting stories that weave parallel worlds with narratives that hold multiple meanings, Rockhill explores the limits of human perception. STOCKGAP -a pun on stop-gap- alludes both to the doubling down of meanings as well as the provisional means Rockhill uses to approach his referential material, and the suggestion of its continual unfolding."

As part of the opening, Crawl Space will be hosting a ZACH-BEQUE on their front lawn. They'll provide hot dogs and Pabst, but you're more than welcome to bring your grilling fixings and beverages. 

It all goes down tonight from 6-9pm. 

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