Friday, July 10, 2009

Montreal - Day 2

Okay, it's official. I'm in LOVE with Montreal. For an American that's never left North America, it's really fun to get to experience a bit of what I imagine Europe to be like. The predominant language is French (for both signage and conversing). Folks seem to be bilingual and are pretty accommodating towards English speakers. We drove through the city last night and went to a great Italian restaurant. There's a 12 block area called the Gay Village that's busier on a Thursday night than most weekends in Seattle.

Our hosts have an amazing loft apartment (built in the 1880s) with a beautiful rooftop beck. It's been hot and humid and lovely and so we've been spending most of our time up here drinking and catching up. Which is great since finding cheap alcohol is tricky. The sound of plates/glasses clinking from the restaurants on the streets is like a lullabye at night.

Buckminister Fuller geodesic dome

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