Monday, July 20, 2009

Jesse Edwards / Bravo Art Reality Show

Ceramic TV (showing Thomas Kinkade) by Jesse Edwards

Congratulations to former Seattle artist, Jesse Edwards. He got a shout-0ut in the New York Times this weekend. Jesse auditioned for the upcoming Bravo art-reality tv series.

"By the end of Saturday’s cattle call almost 400 hopefuls had turned up. About a third of the way back in the line, Jesse Edwards, a 31-year-old painter and ceramics artist from Seattle who has been living hand to mouth since moving to New York this summer, opened his portfolio to show a picture of a work that the producers might keep handy as a cautionary reminder: a ceramic television with an image of painted apples as its screen. 

The piece was titled “Still Life Channel.”“It’s a snoozer of a channel, the Still Life Channel,” Mr. Edwards said, but then quickly showed a picture of another ceramic television, this one with a mirror as its screen, titled “Your Personal Moment of Fame.”

“That channel can be whatever you want it to be,” he said. “It can be great. It’s all up to you.” "

Congratulations, Jesse -- hope you make it!

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