Monday, July 27, 2009

Jeff Mitchell / James Harris Gallery

Jeff and I ran down to check out his show today. I've been back a week and just finally got down there. I just loved it - it really is something else! It combines Jeffry's familiar traditions with new glazes, forms, and symbolism.

A large part of Jeff's success is the charm his pieces radiate. From a far distance, you could be forgiven if you thought you had walked into Miss Marchant's beginners' pottery class, all proudly displayed on a humble shelf. But as soon as you get anywhere near a vase, the craftsmanship is unmistakable.They're so strong because they're so vulnerable. The desire to touch them is overwhelming. The colors and forms attract you, the surfaces hold you and the subject matter pulls at your heart.  They are the direct opposite of fussy. 

Jen Graves and Regina Hackett have said nice things about the opening (a frenzied spectable) and the pieces. I love the density of the show (49 vases + 13 drawings). 

On view, along with Steve Davis and David Huffman, through August 22nd at JHG.

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