Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dystopian Times

The adorably bearish (but not a bear) John Roderick has been keeping a video journal as he writes the song lyrics for the next The Long Winters album. The other members have their parts done and the pressure is on for John to get those lyrics done.

In the most recent episode (#7), he talks about how we might hear a bit more dystopian elements finding their way into their normally hopeful lyrics. The videos are short (2-3 minutes), tongue in cheek and always make me smile. Today's chuckle came from a line about how a lot of TLW fans are living in abandoned concrete pools and subsisting largely on dandelions. Start here at episode 1.

The Long Winters have written a couple of my favorite songs ever. If I'm bummed out, Cinnamon is a guaranteed way to cheer me up. And if it's raining out, the Commander Thinks Aloud always fits my mood. I checked iTunes to see what a nice starting point might be if you wanted to check them out and, of course, the 2 most popular downloads are the ones I listed -- I always like the "hits"! So predictable. 

Art bonus: The super talented Shawn Wolfe did their album cover, When I Pretend to Fall.

Can't wait for the next album fellas!

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