Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day of art firsts

New York City -- you blew my mind today, again!

Without even stepping into a museum, it was a total day of art firsts for me.

My first Jean Dubuffet. I loved this! Perhaps even my highlight of the day.

My first Jeff Koons. The only thing that would have been better is Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

My first Damien Hirst. Bloated? Of course. But that man is a marketing genius and I've loved many of his pieces. 

My first Jenny Holzer (okay, actually my 2nd, but this one was HUGE). I loved her work long before I ever thought about becoming an artist. If you're in Seattle, the Convention Center actually has a Holzer, in case you didn't know.

My first Banksy. Yes, I like his stuff. So there.

My first Marion Peck (shown here with her husband Mark Ryden and my friend, Brad).

My first Ugo Rondinone to which I did indeed say, "HELL, YES!" Ugo also shows at Matthew Marks with a couple of my other favorite artists, Nayland Blake and Roy McMakin.

Tomorrow, we're going to Met. I'm so excited to see my first Francis Bacon!

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