Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cupcake Royale is open!

Well, it's completely official, Jody Hall opened up her 4th Cupcake Royale location this morning at 6am.  You shouldn't have any problems finding it, just look for the big cupcake with pink neon writing. 

I know I'm biased (I'm now curating the art for the different locations), but the space is AMAZING! Every time I walk in there, I get a little breathless. It doesn't hurt that white, pink and brown are my favorite colors. Domestic Furniture seriously nailed it.

Flat Screen Figurine (2009) by Claudia Fitch

They had a pre-opening art party last night to show off the design and introduce the inaugural exhibition. Roy McMakin curated the first show and folks brought their A-game. Walking in, you're greeted by a brand new sculpture piece by Jeffry Mitchell. Two mama elephants with a little baby one holding up a cupcake. Too cute! He's also showing a few vacu-formed plastic pieces -- a beaver and a bear.  Ken Kelly created a brand new painting (the red line piece seen up above). His new stuff has been killing me! I could look at it all day and don't ever want the piece to leave the space! How he managed to transition from sinuous curves into geometric blocks and lines and remain completely Ken Kelly is beyond me. The incomparable Claudia Fitch (you might have seen her enormous head sculptures at Safeco Field) turned in a real stunner called Flat Screen Figurine. Also included is her curvy piece Calligraphy and a paper piece called Old Timey Interior (I love that title!). 

There have been a lot of mentions about the new space. Here are a few of my favorites. 

And okay, no more cupcake posts for a while as long as you promise to check out the space. You're gonna love it!

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It looks awesome! Can't wait to eat a Salted Carmel at the Block Party this weekend.