Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No place I'd rather be.

Whitney (#1 babysitter & party-planner)

Last night a group of beautiful and talented folks all gathered at The Corson Building to celebrate a beautiful and talented man. 

Tables were pulled outside and wine was poured. Matt, Tyler and Joel cooked up food while old friends got the chance to catch up.  New babies were introduced, dogs roamed the grounds and the weather was more than cooperative. 

Man of the hour, Kurt!

The reason for last night's fête was the completion of Kurt's manuscript about his life on a farm. The book will be published sometime next year and is tentatively titled, "Growing a Farm" (though some much funnier titles were offered up last night). 

If you don't know Kurt, he runs this amazing place called Kurtwood Farms. The farm's origins go back to 1991 when Kurt purchased a few acres of land on Vashon. Eventually, Jersey cows were added and a dairy was born. The raw milk is legendary. Even more legendary are Kurt's Sunday dinners.  It's hard to top the simplicity of Chase Jarvis' tweet, "Dinner at Kurtwood farms. Always sublime. Perhaps the best dining "experience" in seattle." You never know who you'll be sitting next to at the dinners, but at the very least they'll be interesting. 

You're pretty much guaranteed that any party at The Corson Building will be amazing. But that Whitney has the golden touch and is always turning the amazing into the magical. Congratulations Kurt, I can't wait to read the book.

Also, if you haven't been to The Corson Building lately, I heartily encourage you to swing by. The gardens are beautiful and starting today (June 3rd), they'll be open on Wednesday evenings serving an a la carte menu.  Walk-ins are welcome, but I'd shoot for a reservation. Beginning this Sunday, they're launching their own delicious version of brunch. I can't wait to try it. 

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