Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moore Inside Out / Moore Theater

Seattle Theater Group and 4Culture Site Specific are hosting an amazing event this Saturday called Moore Inside Out. All work is curated by Free Sheep Foundation and will reference the Moore's historic past and its connection to the A-Y-P.

The roster of visual and performing arts is amazing! Some of my favorites artists have created brand new site-specific installations. Gretchen Bennett has been working hard to create a projected piece that revolves around Kurt Cobain. The projections are based on the stage lights from Nirvana performances at the Moore. Gretchen mentioned that Thom Heileson was also an integral part to the project, providing visual agility and technical knowledge. 

My buddy Joshua Lindenmayer will be creating a couple of posters. Rachel Kessler will be something awesome! Robb Kunz has created an audio tour. Brendan Kiley of The Stranger does a nice artist spotlight here.

Visual artists include Gretchen Bennett and Joshua Lindenmayer along with Lead Pencil Studio, Susan Robb, Iole Alessandrini, Susie Lee, BelizBrother, Megan Mertaugh, Laura Curry + Lori Dillon, Jason Puccinelli, KeearaRhoades, Wen Marcoux, Robb Kunz, Jesse Higman, Stefan Gruber, VideoEgo, Heumer, Baldman, NKO, and No Touching Ground. 
Are you excited yet? 

In case you need even more to pull you in, you'll also get to see performances by Orkestar Zirkonium, Harlequin Hipsters, "Awesome”, Seattle School, HidmoJason Webley, Byron Au Yong, Kaleb Hagan-Kerr, Butoh - Joan Laage, Sheri Brown, DouglasRidings, Kaoru Okumura, Dub Marronics (from Kyoto), Ezra Dickinson, Karn Junkinsmith with PaulHawxhurst, Rachel Kessler, Lucia Neare, Scratchmaster Joe, OrangeMan.

The event is happening Saturday, from 6-10pm. Admission is free. Don't miss it, folks! 

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