Saturday, June 20, 2009

La Especial Norte #4

My favorite Seattle art zine just came out yesterday.  This issue looks great!

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Greg Lundgren: The Waiting Room
Matthew Offenbacher: Green Gothic
Elise Richman: Nicholas Nyland's Fall into Color
Martha Rosler: Untitled Statement (1977)
Whiting Tennis: This Head Mechanism

with illustrations by Matt, Elise, Whiting, and Dawn Cerny

Find a free copy at ...

Howard House, James Harris, Lawrimore Projects, Crawl Space, SOIL, The Hideout (in the women's bathroom), Western Bridge, Henry Art Gallery (near the lockers), or the Seattle Art Museum (near the auditorium).

... or by mailing a SASE to the address below.

La Especial Norte features writing by visual artists and their friends in the Pacific Northwest. Critical, theoretical, narrative, essay, review, interview, manifesto, speculative, visionary, practical, short or long, or somewhere in-between. Published four times a year. Edited by Matthew Offenbacher. Distributed free around Seattle.

Back issues
#1 - Gretchen Bennett: You and I Have Memories Longer Than the Road / A Philosophy of Street Art, Robert Smithson: Cultural Confinement, Joseph Park: Spokane Interview, Matthew Offenbacher: The Underground Tour, and Eli Hansen on architecture and pornography. April 2008.

#2 - Dan Webb: I Public Art, Heide Hinrichs: Only There, Debra Baxter: Neutral Nude Part One, Adrian Piper: Cheap Art Utopia, and Matthew Offenbacher: Black Fu Dogs. September 2008

#3 - Debra Baxter: Neutral Nude Part Two, Jeffry Mitchell: Thoughts on Roy McMakin’s Purplish, Joey Veltkamp: It Began with a Chair ..., Susan Robb: Socialites, Scientists, and Big Leather Handbags, Emily Pothast: Fleeting Moments in an Infinite Flux, and Jean Tinguely: Untitled Statement 1961. February 2009

Sorry, there are no subscriptions. If you would like to receive a copy of the current issue or back issue in the mail please send a S.A.S.E. to 1402 NE 63rd St / Seattle, WA / 98115 (one regular business-sized envelope, with one 42-cent stamp for each issue requested).

Issues 4-7 have been generously supported by a grant from 4Culture.

For further information:

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This post is almost directly from Matt's email announcement. Just wanted to make sure you heard about it if you're not on his mailing list. 

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