Thursday, June 11, 2009

The High Line / NYC

The High Line was a railroad line running in NYC.  Trains quit running on it in the 1980s and it sat abandoned for years, slowly sinking into decay.  In 1999, the Friends of High Line organization was created in hopes of turning the dilapidated line into an elevated public park (similar to promenade plantée in Paris). 

I thought this was about the coolest thing ever when I first heard about it several years ago. I had totally forgotten about it until yesterday when my friend Dave sent me a link saying the first portion had finally opened.  The timing couldn't be better since we'll be visiting NYC in just about a month.  

Photo by Joel Sternfeld

“A subtle play between contemporary and historical design, industrial decay and natural beauty sets the tone. The surface of the deck, for example, is made of concrete planks meant to echo the linearity of the old tracks. The path slips left and right as it advances, so that at some points you are right up against the edge of the railing and at others you are enveloped in the gardens.” (via)

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