Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Captain Blacks

Please welcome the newest Capitol Hill bar/eatery, Captain Blacks.  It's sandwiched between Half-Price Books and Olive Way. Based on the name, I was expecting a pirate-themed dive bar but it's not dive-y at all.  The staff seemed really great (and that's usually my sticking point). The beer was cold and they had the requisite cheap draft (Rainier).  A lot of great options for food, including bites for around $5 (like the alcohol-inhibiting Fried Beecher's Cheese Curds). 

If you go here though, you're going to have to try the po'boys or the waffles and fried chicken (I'd definitely order it again!). The biggest draw during the summer is going to be their decks. That's right - plural, there's one in the front and one in the back. The back one faces west and even though your view is mostly blocked by apartment buildings, it feels much different than the typical Cap Hill deck.

Their website doesn't seem to be working yet, but you can follow them on twitter @captainblacks. Until then, the menu is here and here.

Early reviews/mentions here and here. Check it out - I doubt you'll be disappointed.  


sharon said...

Joey, I'm so happy to hear it's good - I've been looking forward to their opening for some time!

I'm also happy to hear the requisite beer is not Pabst's but Rainier - thank god! (my joy is from that steadfast native place, not from a love of Pilsner :P)

Joey Veltkamp said...

i can go between pabst and rainier pretty seamlessly (am i bi-beer?) ;)

i wasn't in love with the po'boys, but they were pretty tight for a hard opening.

and that deck will be killer for summer! seattle always needs more decks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the menu Joey! I agree that more decks are sorely needed in this town--looking foward to hanging out there. Unfortunately I disagree on the beer talk--I don't know how PBR (right-wing republican owned and operated) became so trendy across the country, but it is a pretty lousy light beer--and Pabst now owns Rainier. And from what I remember Rainier (with its RICH history) used to be a lot better several years ago--drinking it now as you say is definitely equivalent in all ways to Pabst. I suspect that the fact that it is now brewed in CA and shipped via truck here has something to do with it--along with the use of recycled water in many industries in California making it cheap to produce low-quality American style adjunct lagers.

I would offer Kokanee up as another inexpensive lightish beer.

Joey_Veltkamp said...

OH NO! I hate hearing that about Pabst!! Drats. Miller High Life any better politically? ;)