Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yann Novak / Relocation

Photo by Steven Miller (via)

"...Relocation, as the show is called, tells a larger story, too, about all kinds of movings on, from any position of relative comfort into a newness, and the way the process itself changes the terms you thought you understood about each location when you made the decision. The place you decided to leave is better than ever; along the way, you keep reading the landscape for clues that won't matter anyway; and arriving is not arriving but starting something from a weird and awkward distance away from where you'll eventually locate yourself" - JG

Jen Graves just published a wonderful review of Yann Novak's latest installation at Lawrimore Project.  I loved his previous piece, +ROOM-ROOM, with collaborator Jamie Drouin (my interview). I've told Yann before that I never thought I was smart enough to understand some of his work.  I joked that as far as my music goes, I need a "verse/chorus/verse". But this new piece feels so fully realized and so immersive that its overwhelming beauty was immediately apparent.  It's not just me either.  I've had so many folks tell me how much they just love this show.  I can't wait to go back and spend more time with it, soaking it all in.  It really makes my heart ache, but it also leaves me feeling hopeful.  

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