Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nooksack by Claude Zervas

Nooksack by Claude Zervas, CCFL lamps, wire, inverters and steel (2005)

Nooksack is one of my favorite pieces of art in Seattle. "The form of the piece follows the path of the river as it reaches towards the sea." I'm thankful at least one person (Scott Lawrimore) listed it for Jen Grave's piece on "The 25 Greatest Works of Art Ever Made in Seattle."*.

The piece really encapsulates the Northwest spirit of technology and nature. The Seattle Art Museum owns it so hopefully we'll be seeing it from time to time.

Claude Zervas is opening up his 4th show at James Harris Gallery this Thursday. It's called Motonic Simulacra, Evolved Diatomoton and the other wall-mounted sculptures and I can't wait!

Claude is showing with Beth Campbell. Word is that Miss Carrie will be showing up to show her support as well. Should be two great shows, as usual.

*I don't think those lists were definitive (and I don't think they were intended to be) but I do think they promoted the examination of what is valued in the Northwest and have generated a lot of interesting discussion since published.

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