Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Neddy Award 2009

Eric Elliot's Photinia #1, 2008 (image via)

The nominees for the 2009 Neddy Award have been announced.  The painting nominees are Tim Cross, Eric Elliott, Gary Fagin and Lynda Lowe.  The glass nominees are Benjamin Moore, April Surgent, Joey Kirkpatrick/Flora Mace and Jenny Knowles/Sabrina Pohlman.  The Tacoma Art Museum website says the winner for each category will be announced at the gala event on June 6 (7:30).  However, Jen Graves might have scooped them with her announcement on SLOG last Friday.  Congratulations to Eric Elliott and April Surgent.

April Surgent's Follow the Leader, 2008 (image via)

"The Neddy continues to highlight the region’s most intriguing artists," said Rock Hushka, Tacoma Art Museum’s Director of Curatorial Administration and Curator of Contemporary and Northwest Art. "The painters span the diverse styles and subject matter that engage Northwest artists. This year’s new category of glass honors the internationally acclaimed accomplishments of artists working in Seattle. There are very interesting intersections and interplay between them."   (via)


mle said...

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