Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Midday Veil @ S.O.M.F.

Seattle Occutural Music Festival

You probably already know Emily Pothast from here. Or maybe here.

If you know Emily from here, then you already know that she (along with David Golightly, Simon Henneman, Timm Mason and Chris Pollina) plays music in a band called Midday Veil. You can hear their songs here. Emily has a beautiful voice that perfectly matches the moody trip the band takes you on. I've described their music as like watching the birth of humanity from space. And Emily promises that "...this show is going to swallow you whole." If you don't believe her, you haven't met her.

They're on the bill at the Seattle Occultural Music Festival. Go check out this show!

Midday Veil, Joy Von Spain, Voodoo Israel (SF) and Matt Shoemaker
Rendezvous Jewel Box Theatre
2322 2nd Ave (Belltown)
Friday, May 8th
10pm - 21+ with ID
$5-$15 sliding scale

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Emily said...

Thanks for the post, Joey. It's gonna be a wild one. =)