Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Health Care Reform, cupcake-style!

Me and Jody, just before her interview with Robert Bazell (photo by Troy Gua)

Y'all know my good pal, Jody Hall right?  Sure, she can make delicious cupcakes and coffee. What you might not know is that when she's not doing that, she's out there tirelessly working for health care reform for small businesses.  Not just here in her favorite Seattle neighborhoods, but on a national level.  Last month, she was one of a handful of business owners from across the country invited to talk to Nancy-Ann DeParle (Director of White House Office of Health Reform) about why we need a public health care option.

Hot on the heels of her big White House visit, NBC News sent out Chief Science and Health Correspondent Robert Bazell to her Ballard store today to talk about...yep, you guessed it,  health care reform!  We don't know when it will air, but stay tuned, it could be a week, could be a month.  

Not one to ever sit back and say, "Good enough!", Jody's leading the charge and rallying folks to participate in this Saturday's HEALTH CARE FOR ALL march.  I'll be there, she'll be there and I sure hope you'll be there. 

As an artist, I have so many uninsured friends. But I'm guessing no matter what line of work you're in, you probably know folks, too.  The time is now, there's a growing momentum to finally get some form of national health care.  If you don't want to march, no problem, join us all down at Westlake Center to watch Senator Patty Murray talk about why this is so important. 

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