Sunday, May 31, 2009

Desmadre / Vermillion

Airplane by Vincent Pachecho

You've got one week more week (it ends June 7th) to catch Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives in America at Vermillion Gallery.  In its simplest form, this show is an exploration about Latino cultural identity and its relationship to contemporary art.  The show was curated/assembled by Jose Tapia, Damion Hayes and Julio Guerrero. Desmadre is an ongoing project and will be producing more shows.  You can read more about the idea and read interviews with your favorite artists here

Porky #3 by Alejandro Diaz

"As we head into this 21st century there has been a departure from the old cultural identities. We are seeing what curator Nicholas Bourriard calls the “Creolization” of culture, a blending of various traditional cultures with some local specific contemporary elements. This show is equally about this moment in history, a time in which America is living up to it's promise to be the worlds melting pot, as it is about any given culture. There is a sense of reinvention present in much of the work by the artists participating in the show, an urge to respect the past while pushing forward to forge new means to celebrate their heritage."

Luna de Miel by Antonio Pelayo 


Coming up next at Vermillion: A group photography show with Shaun KardinalJesse DeLira and Katherine Dyke.

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