Thursday, May 28, 2009

Debra Baxter & Heide Hinrichs

Next Thursday (June 4), Debra Baxter and Heide Hinrichs are opening up new shows at Howard House.  This will be the first solo show at Howard House for each of them. I can't imagine a better juxtaposition of artistic styles.  Where Debra is precise, Heide is loose. Debra seeks to master form, Heide wants to reinvent it. It will be really interesting to see how they play off each other.

Debra Baxter, Suck It Up (hyperventilation bag) (detail), 2009

In so proud of you, "...objects made of alabaster, glass, and stone simultaneously interrogate the body’s physicality and human emotion. Interested in the relationship between the body’s interior and exterior, her common subjects—the neck, the tongue, and objects referencing entrapped air—intimate both strength and susceptibility."

Heide Hinrichs, 2009

"In Rose Belongs to Lotus/Rikki’s,...Hinrichs employs discarded soccer balls to create delicate new sculptures, each reminiscent of their previous life yet wholly changed through the artist’s play with texture, volume, and shape. In so doing, she explores questions of belonging—belonging in a sense of ownership as well as of locality and place."

Both artists will be giving a talk on Saturday, June 13 at noon. 

If you still haven't seen this show, you've only got a few days to check it out.  It's definitely worth it.  


gala bent said...

so excited to see this! hope i can go out tonight...

Joey Veltkamp said...

Me too! Aw, it'd be awesome to see you out and about, m'lady!! Hope mama-hood is treating you right during the heatwave. xo

gala bent said...

i made it out, with a little sweaty newborn strapped to my front! :) this show was breathtaking, just like i thought it'd be. sorry to have missed seeing you! (i didn't realize until someone pointed it out that i was at the last 1st thurs very pregnant... and at this one with an air-breather)