Monday, May 11, 2009

Build-a-House / Open House

If you've ever been to my apartment, you'll understand why I love the current Howard House show. I always think you can squeeze one more picture on a wall and so the salon-style presentation makes me very happy.

Some Gretchen Bennett drawings and buttons, Sean Duffy tshirts
and a Lauren Grossman sculpture.

I wanted to talk to gallery owner, Billy Howard, about why he chose to do a "best of" show. He told me, "Part of the reason this show is up is because I was in a protracted negotiation with my landlord, pushing my schedule back a month. I decided also that if I had to move, it would be a great show to do to get the work out of the storage and over the course of the month move it over to the new space. Fortunately I don’t have to move."

Mostly Ken Kelly paintings.
"The last twelve years filled the gallery walls with wonderful artwork. This gives us all an opportunity to see things that have been dark for years. They’re like old friends – always good to see them.

Some of the old friends are a wonderful Jon Haddock from his “Modification” series from 1999/2000. These were historic photos from the 60’s that he downloaded from the internet then he crudely “cloned” out the figures, only leaving the landscape. I’m showing Kent State – this was shown at the Whitney in Larry Rinder’s Bitstreams which was one of the groundbreaking digital shows of the early oughts. The Whitney got one of these unique photos for their permanent collection – I think Sylvia Wolf had something to do with it. I am also showing an early work of Tony de los Reyes from his first show at Howard House. These Chinoiserie paintings were such an odd thing to see in the photo-heavy early oughts – the title of the show was - Excerpts From the Porcelain Pavilion. Again, on the early side are works by Sean Duffy from his first show with us “Mod2” great fake fur “Kenneth Noland” targets and a “Dexadrine Saarinen” riffing on the drugs the Mod’s took as well as high modernist architecture. I also have one of Arthur S. Aubry’s receipt photos from 1995 – this even predates the gallery but it’s a great series to see."

Robert Yoder, Fred Muram, Matt Offenbacher, Mark T. Miller
"Other fun things – We’re premiering Fred Muram’s “Shopping List” video. I think one of Fred’s most successful videos.... During the shooting he sacrifices his Leica camera – it’s very poetic.

There’s something for everyone here – and it’s a thrill to have it up!
I love the reaction that I’m getting – Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s worth a lot having that reaction. I’m super proud of all these artists – they are so creative and dedicated – they deserve all this attention."

Jenny Heishman, Mud Thing, image via howard house

I've been to a lot of these shows and it was really great to see so many favorites pieces of art again. Seeing Mark T. Miller's Girl made me remember how much that show blew me away. Many of the pieces are so representative of their respective artists that I was surprised they were still available. You can still purchase Matthew Offenbacher's Large Owl? S.A.M. -- did you hear that? I'd love to see that hanging next to Mark Tobey's, Appearances in Time, someday. Surely some collector with great taste has already bought Jenny Heishman's Mud Thing! Nope -- it's still available.
You should definitely stop by and check out the show. It's a thrill to see so many seminal pieces of art in one room.

Matthew Offenbacher, Large Owl (2006), image via howard house

Artists included: Arthur S Aubry, Richard Barnes, Gretchen Bennett, Donabelle Casis, Cat Clifford, Tony de los Reyes, Sean Duffy, Ken Fandell, Karen Ganz, Lauren Grossman, Jon Haddock, David Hartt, Jenny Heishman, Mary Henry, Sean M. Johnson, Ken Kelly, Martin Klimas, Cameron Martin, Mark Takamachi Miller, Fred Muram, Yuki Nakamura, Matthew Offenbacher, Jim Rittimann, Patti Warashina, Robert Yoder (and more...)


sharonA said...

Joey, awesome photos of the show. This was by far my favourite thing at art walk. Sheer aesthetic glory, it was!

Joey Veltkamp said...

Thanks Sharon! I couldn't agree more. You know my style -- FILL THE WALLS!!!

Anonymous said...

Its your fav person from the late 80's...uh this could have easily been a show at your house...GOOD LORD! Great blogging how comprehensive you are for us beginners! XOXO