Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Belle of the Ball + UW MFA

George Rodriguez, 2009

After seeing his work in the Mentoring show, I really wanted to check out George Rodriguez's solo ceramics show, Belle of the Ball.  The UW Ceramics compound was packed with folks. George provided kegs and food. His buddy Bob had been smoking pork since 6am that morning. Even the torrential downpour couldn't kill the mood of this celebration!  

George will also have a huge installation at the UW MFA show opening this Friday at Henry Art Gallery. Other presenting artists include
 Arun Sharma, Ben Waterman, Bo Young Choi, Alice Case, Haley Farthing, Bob Gardner, Anne Petty, Hugo Shi, Marie-Claire Bozant, Erin Elyse Burns Burns, and Laurel Schultz.

The party is from 7-9pm.  More details here.  It's a don't miss for sure!

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