Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Susan Boyle / Britain's Got Talent

"I'm gonna make that audience rock." Susan Boyle

"The biggest yes I have ever given anybody." Simon Cowell

Despite the internet, there are still so few moments that are felt around the globe. Since yesterday, I've had several folks recommend the video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent. This YouTube video has received 4.6 million hits as of this posting.

I've avoided watching it (there are so many videos to watch!). I asked someone today what was so remarkable about it? They said that it makes you think the worst ("You're looking at this 47 year old woman thinking, what can she do?") and then she just opens her mouth and she's amazing.

As humans, I think it's easy to let our insecurities drive us. It's such a beautiful affirmation when someone is recognized based on their talent alone and not their persona. I think that this performance allows us all to let down our guard and say, "Damn! I wasn't expecting that! I'm sorry for judging you."

You know I'm a sucker for anything feel-good. And this is so sweet.

Everybody continue being amazing.


Anonymous said...

Especially you, Joey.
Yr fan, Regina

susan boyle said...

Amaizng Voice!..