Saturday, April 11, 2009

Smith's spring menu

Daily special: slow roasted pork belly with pea vines and bean ragu.  

I can't even count how many times I've said this before -- Smith is amazing!  It's always delicious.  It favors fresh, seasonal food.  I love the location.  I love the atmosphere.  I LOVE the service/staff.  

They launched a new menu this week -- full of long-time favorites and what are sure to become new favorites (Ramps and a Duck Egg!).   Some new items I can't wait to try:  clam dip and crackers, bresaola with pickled fennel,  spring lamb stew and golden beets with radicchio, hazelnuts and bleu cheese

Chef Elliot Guthrie just never gets he credit he deserves.  And no place in Seattle feels more like a 2nd home than Smith.  

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Amanda said...

Smith is my second home too! I've been waiting for their menu to change for a while (not that I mind their current run).......and this sounds amazing!