Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Day by Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds (1991), enamel on steel

I've always loved these pieces by Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds.  They are located in Pioneer Square (near the Pergola) right behind a bust of Chief Sealth.  The front side is written in Lushootseed and the back side in English. 

I think they must trigger some white shame in me because a couple of years ago, I started to look through them, instead of at them.  Recently, I was walking by with a friend and he commented on how great he thought they were.  It was a nice reminder and it brought them back into my forethought.  

Night by Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds (1991), enamel on steel

Edgar Heap of Birds received his MFA from Tyler University.  He has shown at the Whitney, MoMA, Smithsonian Institution (NYC) and the National Museum of the American Indian.  

The title, Day/Night, comes from a Chief Sealth quote, "Day and night cannot dwell together. The red man has ever fled the approach of the white man, as the changing mist on the mountainside flees before the blazing sun."

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