Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poster of the Week

Troy Gua's Hybrids

I swung by the Stranger's "Poster of the Week" show at Vermillion. Troy Gua 's Hybrid series is the first thing you see when you walk in. He has a show here later this summer, which should also be great. Opposite of Troy is Cait Willis showing her Roller Derby paintings. Then, as you wind your way back to the bar, you see the 50 odd posters. It's really great to see them all together. It's funny how just removing them from your frame of reference (utility poles, windows, etc.), they look completely different. It's a really nice show, curated by the talented Aaron Huffman (Stranger Art Director, member of the severely underrated band Harvey Danger). It features standouts by Chris Rollins, Corianton Hale, Dan Paulus, Jeff Kleinsmith and more!
Cait Willis
Every once in a while, I still run into folks that didn't know there's a bar back there. Yes - a bar that serves beer/wine! And more importantly, delicious food - homecooked by Diana. Like beef stew for dinner tonight, cooked this afternoon. And tons of atmosphere. Please go if you still haven't been. I keep running into the most interesting people there!

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