Monday, March 30, 2009

LOOK FORWARD / Traver Gallery

Richard Marquis, 2008 (image via Traver Gallery website)

Traver Gallery (Tacoma) is down to the final week of their amazing glass exhibit, LOOK FORWARD. Here's the list of artists:  

Sonja Blomdahl with Oliver Doriss & Eli Hansen, Dale Chihuly with James Mongrain, Einar & Jamex de la Torre wtih John Moran, Benjamin Edols & Kathy Elliott with Masahiro Asaka, Walter Lieberman with Alex Sitsser, Dante Marioni with Janusz Pozniak & Jodi Salemo, Paul Parioni with Chad Holliday, Richard Marquis with Blaise Campbell & Amy Rueffert, Tobias Mohl with Jeanette Iskandar, Benjamin Moore with Sam McMillen, Nick Mount with Brenden Scott French, Charlie Parriott with Benjamin Cobb & Martin Janecky, David Salvadore with Rick Eggert & Ethan Stern, Preston Singletary with Marcus Amerman, Therman Statom with Korbinian Stockle, Dick Weiss with Bridget Boss & Paul Cunningham, Hiroshi Yamano with Kentaro Senuma.

Preston Singletary, 2008 (image via Traver Gallery website)

Seventeen leaders in the glass movement are paired with twenty-two emerging artists of their choosing.  It reveals really interesting relationships between disparate folks like Sonja Blumdahl with Eli Hansen or Richard Marquis with Blaise Campbell.  It's quite an impressive list and a very thoughtful show. 

Eli Hansen and Joey Piecuch, 2009 (image via Traver Galley website)

Sarah Traver, director of the Tacoma gallery says, "The show was conceived as a response to questions about the future.  Where are we headed from here?  The world of art glass is full of young innovators whose work we attempt to recognize and represent early.  We found it fascinating to find out who the current masters think will be the next leaders in glass." (via)

Blaise Campbell, 2009 (image via Traver Gallery website)

The show ends this Sunday (April 5th) and it sounds amazing.  You can get more information here.

Charlie Parriott, 2009 (image via Traver Gallery website)

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Natalie Challier said...

Thanks for this awesome review of the show! Be sure to come by and see "Inspired By", where young glass artists have chosen their mentors.