Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you like reading...

...then you're going to love this new site called The Second Pass designed by my friend, Strath Shephard.

The Second Pass is a new website developed partly in response to the diminished amount of book reviews/discussions due to the folding of newspapers. While the internet has contributed to the closure of the newspapers, it's also given us easy access to out-of-print books, so they'll also be reviewing those. Editor John Williams discusses it here.

As more daily newspapers are folding (a sad, sad thing), websites like The Second Pass are only going to become more important. I love the trend of small groups of people coalescing around a passion (in this case books) and creating the content they want to see. Something similar has been happening in Seattle's art scene (La Especial Norte, art-bloggers, etc.), too. Which I'm only too happy to see. I just can't read enough about local arts. And it seems like the coverage has been diminished lately. With the closure of the PI, the critical landscape is about to change dramatically. I know we'll still be able to read Regina over at ArtsJournal and Jen will still be doing her thing and others will keep doing great reviews, but it just feels like everything is changing. I tend to dislike change. I know that blogging can't replace trained journalists, but hopefully folks will step up and we'll get more arts coverage from all different sorts of perspective. The more the merrier in 2009.

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Strath said...

Thanks for the shout, I'm glad you like the site!