Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Thursday, April 2009

Jaq Chartier (images via www.platformgallery.com)
❮ Deep Raspberry, 2009  ❯ Small Test w/Kilz, 2009

It's always so nice when Jaq Chartier has a show in town.  I could stare at her stuff all day long.  Check her out starting this Thursday at Platform Gallery.

Her new show is called Downtime and references games: Connect Four, backgammon, mahjong, computer games and more.  In fact, when you visit the show, Jaq might even be there waiting to play some checkers with you!

Opening: 6-8pm

Victoria Haven, IF ALL IN ALL IS TRUE, 2009 
(image via www.gregkucera.com)

For her latest show, HIGHER...HIGHER, Victoria Haven is introducing photographs.  I've heard this series is amazing and some of her strongest work yet.  I can't wait to see them!  Sheesh, no wonder she won the Stranger Genius award (2004, visual art).  This is also her first solo show at her new gallery, Greg Kucera Gallery.  

Opening: 6-8pm
Artist talk on Saturday, April 4 at noon

(image via facebook.com)

I have a feeling that a LOT of folks will end up at Hedreen Gallery on Thursday.  Yoko Ott has done an amazing job of assuming curatorial duties (Carrie EA Scott was the previous curator).  She has taken the gallery space, re-thought its identity and created a trilogy of shows under the title of Void Blank Blank Void Sweated Blank. Wynne Greenwood's exhibit will serve as a backdrop for her show in mid-April at On the Boards.  The show opening on Thursday is described as a series of site-specific curtains and performance pieces.  I know that a lot of folks are really looking forward to seeing this!  Sheesh, no wonder Wynne won the Stranger Genius award (2008, visual art).

Reception: 5-8pm

(image via vital 5)

Technically, not First Thursday, Cell Everything happens on Friday.  It's a one night only event  at Vermillion.  Greg Lundgren has gathered over 50 stellar artists to create art -- none of which is visible.  Instead, viewers will be asked to call phone numbers to receive the art.  Sounds great and with the folks involved, it should be nothing short of a really cool event.  Sheesh, no wonder Greg Lundgren won the Stranger Genius award (2003, arts organization). 

Reception:  7-10pm

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